SCENE I. [Before Lovewit's door. ]

[Enter] LOVEWIT, [with several of the] Neighbours

Love. Has there been such resort, say you?

1 Nei. Daily, sir.

2 Nei. And nightly, too.

3 Nei. Ay, some as brave as lords.

4 Nei. Ladies and gentlewomen.

5 Nei. Citizens' wives.

1 Nei. And knights.

6 Nei. In coaches.

2 Nei. Yes, and oyster-women.

1 Nei. Beside other gallants.

3 Nei. Sailors' wives.

4 Nei. Tobacco men.

5 Nei. Another Pimlico!〖A summer resort, where the citizens had cakes and ale.〗

Love. What should my knave advance,

To draw this company? He hung out no banners

Of a strange calf with five legs to be seen,

Or a huge lobster with six claws?

6 Nei. No, sir.

3 Nei. We had gone in then, sir.

Love. He has no gift

Of teaching i' the nose〖Like a Puritan preacher.〗 that e'er I knew of.

You saw no bills set up that promis'd cure

Of agues, or the tooth-ache?

2 Nei. No such thing, sir!

Love. Nor heard a drum struck for baboons or puppets?

5 Nei. Neither, sir.

Love. What device should he bring forth now?

I love a teeming wit as I love my nourishment:

'Pray God he have not kept such open house,

That he had sold my hangings, and my bedding!

I left him nothing else.. If he have eat 'em,

A plague o' the moth, say I! Sure he has got

Some bawdy pictures to call all this ging;〖Gang.〗

The Friar and the Nun; or the new motion〖Puppet show.〗

Of the knight's courser and the parson's mare;

Or't may be, he has the fleas that run at tilt

Upon a table, or some dog to dance.

When saw you him?

1 Nei. Who, sir, Jeremy?

2 Nei. Jeremy butler?

We saw him not this month.

Love. How!

4 Nei. Not these five weeks, sir.

6 Nei. These six weeks at the least.

Love. You amaze me, neighbours!

5 Nei. Sure, if your worship know not where he is,

He's slipt away.

6 Nei. Pray God he be not made away.

Love. Ha! it's no time to question, then. Knocks at the door.

6 Nei. About

Some three weeks since I heard a doleful cry,

As I sat up a mending my wife's stockings.

Love. 'Tis strange that none will answer! Did'st thou hear

A cry, sayst thou?

6 Nei. Yes, sir, like unto a man

That had been strangled an hour, and could not speak.

2 Nei. I heard it too, just this day three weeks, at two o'clock

Next morning.

Love. These be miracles, or you make 'em so!

A man an hour strangled, and could not speak,

And both you heard him cry?

3 Nei. Yes, downward, sir.

Love, Thou art a wise fellow. Give me thy hand, I pray thee.

What trade art thou on?

3 Nei. A smith, an't please your worship.

Love. A smith! Then lend me thy help to get this door open.

3 Nei. That I will presently, sir, but fetch my tools—[Exit.]

1 Nei. Sir, best to knock again afore you break it.

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