SCENE III. [The same. ]

SUBTLE. [Enter] FACE [in his uniform]

How now! good prize?

Face. Good pox! Yond' costive cheater

Never came on.

Sub. How then?

Face. I ha' walk'd the round

Till now, and no such thing.

Sub. And ha' you quit him?

Face. Quit him! An hell would quit him too, he were happy.

'Slight! would you have me stalk like a mill-jade,

All day, for one that will not yield us grains?

I know him of old.

Sub. O, but to ha' gull'd him,

Had been a mastery.

Face. Let him go, black boy!

And turn thee, that some fresh news may possess thee.

A noble count, a don of Spain (my dear

Delicious compeer, and my party〖Partner.〗 -bawd),

Who is come hither private for his conscience

And brought munition with him, six great slops,〖Large breeches.〗

Bigger than three Dutch hoys,〖Ships.〗 beside round trunks,〖Trunk hose.〗

Furnish'd with pistolets,〖A Spanish gold coin worth about 16sh. 8d.〗 and pieces of eight,〖A coin worth about 4sh. 6d.〗

Will straight be here, my rogue, to have thy bath,

(That is the colour,〖Pretext.〗) and to make his battery

Upon our Dol, our castle, our cinqueport,

Our Dover pier, our what thou wilt. Where is she?

She must prepare perfumes, delicate linen,

The bath in chief, a banquet, and her wit,

Where is the doxy?

Sub. I'll send her to thee:

And but despatch my brace of little John Leydens,〖Puritans, from the name of the Anabaptist leader.〗

And come again myself.

Face. Are they within then?

Sub. Numbering the sum.

Face. How much?

Sub. A hundred marks, boy. [Exit.]

Face. Why, this is a lucky day. Ten pounds of Mammon!

Three o' my clerk! A portague o' my grocer!

This o' the brethren! Beside reversions

And states to come, i' the widow, and my count!

My share today will not be bought for forty—

[Enter DOL]

Dol. What?

Face. Pounds, dainty Dorothy! Art thou so near?

Dol. Yes; say, lord general, how fares our camp?

Face. As with the few that had entrench'd themselves

Safe, by their discipline, against a world, Dol,

And laugh'd within those trenches, and grew fat

With thinking on the booties, Dol, brought in

Daily by their small parties. This dear hour,

A doughty don is taken with my Dol;

And thou mayst make his ransom what thou wilt

My Dousabel;〖 I. e., douce et belle; sweetheart.〗 he shall be brought here fetter'd

With thy fair looks, before he sees thee; and thrown

In a down-bed, as dark as any dungeon;

Where thou shalt keep him waking with thy drum;

Thy drum, my Dol, thy drum; till he be tame

As the poor blackbirds were i' the great frost,

Or bees are with a bason; and so hive him

I' the swan-skin coverlid and cambric sheets,

Till he work honey and wax, my little God's-gift.〖Referring to the literal meaning of Dorothea.〗

Dol. What is he, general?

Face. An adalantado,〖A Spanish governor.〗

A grandee, girl. Was not my Dapper here yet?

Dol. No

Face. Nor my Drugger?

Dol. Neither.

Face. A pox on 'em,

They are so long a furnishing! such stinkards

Would not be seen upon these festival days.—

[Re-enter SUBTLE]

How now! ha' you done?

Sub. Done. They are gone: the sum

Is here in bank, my Face. I would we knew

Another chapman who would buy 'em outright.

Face. 'Slid, Nab shall do't against he ha' the widow,

To furnish household.

Sub. Excellent, well thought on:

Pray God he come.

Face. I pray he keep away

Till our new business be o'erpast.

Sub. But, Face,

How camst thou by this secret don?

Face. A spirit

Brought me th' intelligence in a paper here,

As I was conjuring yonder in my circle

For Surly; I ha' my flies〖Familiars.〗 abroad. Your bath

Is famous, Subtle, by my means. Sweet Dol,

Tickle him with thy mother tongue. His great

Verdugoship〖Verdugo is a Spanish name, but the precise allusion is uncertain.〗 has not a jot of language;

So much the easier to be cozen'd, my Dolly.

He will come here in a hir'd coach, obscure,

And our own coachman, whom I have sent as guide,

No creature else. One knocks. Who's that? [Exit DOL.]

Sub. It is not he?

Face. O no, not yet this hour.

Re-enter DOL

Sub. Who is't?

Dol. Dapper,

Your clerk.

Face. God's will then, Queen of Fairy,

On with your tire; [Exit DOL.] and, doctor, with your robes.

Let's despatch him for God's sake.

Sub. 'Twill be long.

Face. I warrant you, take but the cues I give you,

It shall be brief enough. [Goes to the window.] 'Slight, here are more!

Abel, and I think the angry boy, the heir,

That fain would quarrel.

Sub. And the widow?

Face. No,

Not that I see. Away! [Exit SUB.]

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