SCENE II. [ A prison. ]


Are. Nay, dear Philaster, grieve not; we are well.

Bel. Nay, good my lord, forbear; we are wondrous well.

Phi. Oh, Arethusa, oh, Bellario,

Leave to be kind!

I shall be shut from Heaven, as now from earth,

If you continue so. I am a man

False to a pair of the most trusty ones

That ever earth bore; can it bear us all?

Forgive, and leave me. But the King hath sent

To call me to my death: oh, shew it me,

And then forget me! And for thee, my boy,

I shall deliver words will mollify

The hearts of beasts to spare thy innocence.

Bel. Alas, my lord, my life is not a thing

Worthy your noble thoughts! 'Tis not a life,

'Tis but a piece of childhood thrown away.

Should I outlive you, I should then outlive

Virtue and honour; and when that day comes,

If ever I shall close these eyes but once,

May I live spotted for my perjury,

And waste my limbs to nothing!

Are. And I (the woful'st maid that ever was,

Forc'd with my hands to bring my lord to death)

Do by the honour of a virgin swear

To tell no hours beyond it!

Phi. Make me not hated so.

Are. Come from this prison all joyful to our deaths!

Phi. People will tear me, when they find you true

To such a wretch as I; I shall die loath'd.

Enjoy your kingdoms peaceably, whilst I

For ever sleep forgotten with my faults.

Every just servant, every maid in love,

Will have a piece of me, if you be true.

Are. My dear lord, say not so.

Bel. A piece of you!

He was not born of woman that can cut

It and look on.

Phi. Take me in tears betwixt you, for my heart

Will break with shame and sorrow.

Are. Why, 'tis well.

Bel. Lament no more.

Phi. Why, what would you have done

If you had wrong'd me basely, and had found

Your〖Mason conj. Qq. F. my . . . yours.〗 life no price compared to mine?〖Mason conj. Qq. F. my . . . yours.〗 For love, sirs,

Deal with me truly.

Bel. 'Twas mistaken, sir.

Phi. Why, if it were?

Bel. Then, sir, we would have ask'd

You pardon.

Phi. And have hope to enjoy it?

Are. Enjoy it! ay.

Phi. Would you indeed? be plain.

Bel. We would, my lord.

Phi. Forgive me, then.

Are. So, so.

Bel. 'Tis as it should be now.

Phi. Lead to my death. Exeunt.

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