SCENE III. [ The same. ]

[Enter] FACE

Face. Where are you, doctor?

Sub. [within] I'll come to you presently.

Face. I will ha' this same widow, now I ha' seen her,

On any composition.

[Enter SUBTLE]

Sub. What do you say?

Face. Ha' you dispos'd of them?

Sub. I ha' sent 'em up.

Face. Subtle, in troth, I needs must have this widow.

Sub. Is that the matter?

Face. Nay, but hear me.

Sub. Go to.

If you rebel once, Dol shall know it all:

Therefore be quiet, and obey your chance.

Face. Nay, thou art so violent now. Do but conceive,

Thou art old, and canst not serve——

Sub. Who cannot? I?

'Slight, I will serve her with thee, for a——

Face. Nay,

But understand: I'll gi' you composition.〖Recompense.〗

Sub. I will not treat with thee. What! sell my fortune?

'Tis better than my birthright. Do not murmur:

Win her, and carry her. If you grumble, Dol

Knows it directly.

Face. Well, sir, I am silent.

Will you go help to fetch in Don in state? [Exit.]

Sub. I follow you, sir. We must keep Face in awe,

Or he will overlook us like a tyrant.

[Re-enter FACE, introducing] SURLY disguised as a Spaniard

Brain of a tailor! who comes here? Don John!

Sur. Senores, beso las manos a vuestras mercedes.〖Spanish. “Gentlemen, I kiss your hands.”〗

Sub. Stab me; I shall never hold, man.

He looks in that deep ruff like a head in a platter,

Serv'd in by a short cloak upon two trestles.

Face. Or what do you say to a collar of brawn,〖Neck of a boar, or boar's flesh rolled.〗 cut down

Beneath the souse,〖Ear.〗 and wriggled with a knife?

Sub. 'Slud, he does look too fat to be a Spaniard.

Face. Perhaps some Fleming or some Hollander got him

In d'Alva's time; Count Egmont's bastard.

Sub. Don,

Your scurvy, yellow, Madrid face is welcome.

Sur. Gratia.

Sub. He speaks out of a fortification.

Pray God he ha' no squibs in those deep sets.〖The deep plaits of his ruff.〗

Sur. Por dios, senores, muy linda casa!〖“Gad, sirs, a very pretty house.”〗

Sub. What says he?

Face. Praises the house, I think;

I know no more but's action.

Sub. Yes, the casa,

My precious Diego,〖Spaniard. Strictly, Spanish for James.〗 will prove fair enough

To cozen you in. Do you mark? You shall

Be cozened, Diego.

Face. Cozened, do you see,

My worthy Donzel,〖Diminutive of Don.〗 conzened.

Sur. Entiendo.〖“I understand.”〗

Sub. Do you intend it? So do we, dear Don.

Have you brought pistolets,〖Spanish gold coin, worth about 16sh. 8d.〗 or portagues,

My solemn Don? [to FACE.] Dost thou feel any?

Face. feels his pockets. Full.

Sub. You shall be emptied, Don, pumped and drawn

Dry, as they say.

Face. Milked, in troth, sweet Don.

Sub. See all the monsters; the great lion of all, Don.

Sur. Con licencia, se puede ver a esta senora?〖“If you please, may I see the lady?”〗

Sub. What talks he now?

Face. Of the senora.

Sub. O, Don,

This is the lioness, which you shall see

Also, my Don.

Face. 'Slid, Subtle, how shall we do?

Sub. For what?

Face. Why, Dol's employ'd, you know.

Sub. That's true.

'Fore heaven I know not: he must stay, that's all.

Face. Stay! that he must not by no means.

Sub. No! why?

Face. Unless you'll mar all. 'Slight, he'll suspect it;

And then he will not pay, not half so well.

This is a travell'd punk-master, and does know

All the delays; a notable hot rascal,

And looks already rampant.

Sub. 'Sdeath, and Mammon

Must not be troubled.

Face. Mammon! in no case.

Sub. What shall we do then?

Face. Think: you must be sudden.〖Quick about it.〗

Sur. Entiendo que la senora es tan hermosa, que codicio tan a verla, como la bien aventuranza de mi vida.〖“I understand that the lady is so handsome that I am as eager to see her as the good fortune of my life.”〗

Face. Mi vida! 'Slid, Subtle, he puts me in mind o' the widow.

What dost thou say to draw her to't, ha!

And tell her 'tis her fortune? All our venture

Now lies upon't. It is but one man more,

Which on's chance to have her: and beside,

There is no maidenhead to be fear'd or lost.

What dost thou think on't, Subtle?

Sub. Who, I? why——

Face. The credit of our house too is engag'd.〖Involved.〗

Sub. You mate me an offer for my share erewhile.

What wilt thou gi' me, i' faith?

Face. O, by that light

I'll not buy now. You know your doom〖Agreement.〗 to me.

E'en take your lot, obey your chance, sir; win her,

And wear her—out for me.

Sub. 'Slight, I'll not work her then.

Face. It is the common cause; therefore bethink you.

Dol else must know it, as you said.

Sub. I care not.

Sur. Senores, porque se tarda tanto?〖“Sirs, why so long delay?”〗

Sub. Faith, I am not fit, I am old.

Face. That's now no reason, sir.

Sur. Puede ser de hacer burla de mi amor?〖“Can it be to make sport of my love?”〗

Face. You hear the Don too? by this air I call,

And loose the hinges. Dol!

Sub. A plague of hell——

Face. Will you then do?

Sub. You're a terrible rogue!

I'll think of this. Will you, sir, call the widow?

Face. Yes, and I'll take her too with all her faults,

Now I do think on't better.

Sub. With all my heart, sir;

Am I discharg'd o' the lot?

Face. As you please.

Sub. Hands. [They shake hands.]

Face. Remember now, that upon any change,

You never claim her.

Sub. Much good joy and health to you, sir,

Marry a whore! Fate, let me wed a witch first.

Sur. Por estas honradas barbas〖“By this honored beard—”〗——

Sub. He swears by his beard.

Dispatch, and call the brother too. [Exit FACE.]

Sur. Tengo duda, senores, que no me hagan alguna

traycion.〖“I fear, sirs, that you are playing me some trick.”〗

Sub. How, issue on? yes, præsto, senor. Please you

Enthratha the chambratha, worthy don:

Where if you please the fates, in your bathada,

You shall be soak'd, and strok'd and tubb'd and rubb'd,

And scrubb'd, and fubb'd,〖Cheated.〗 dear don, before you go.

You shall in faith, my scurvy baboon don,

He curried, claw'd, and flaw'd,〖Cracked.〗 and taw'd,〖Soaked, like a hide being tanned.〗 indeed.

I will the heartlier go about it now,

And make the widow a punk so much the sooner,

To be reveng'd on this impetuous Face:

The quickly doing of it is the grace. [Exeunt SUB. and SURLY.]

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