THE SICKNESS hot,〖The plague raging.〗 a master quit, for fear,

His house in town, and left one servant there;

Ease him corrupted, and gave means to know

A Cheater and his punk;〖Mistress.〗 who now brought low,

Leaving their narrow practice, were become

Coz'ners〖Swindlers.〗 at large; and only wanting some

House to set up, with him they here contract,

Each for a share, and all begin to act.

Much company they draw, and much abuse,〖Deceive.〗

In casting figures,〖Calculating the future.〗 telling fortunes, news,

Selling of flies,〖Familiar spirits.〗 flat bawdry, with the stone,〖Philosopher's stone.〗

Till it, and they, and all in fume〖Smoke.〗 are gone.

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