THE CHAPTER OF CONGEALED BLOOD〖The five opening verses of this chapter are generally allowed to have been the first that were revealed.〗

IN the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

READ, in the name of thy Lord!

Who created man from congealed blood!

Read, for thy Lord is most generous!

Who taught the pen!

Taught man what he did not know!

Nay, verily, man is indeed outrageous at seeing himself get rich!

Verily, unto thy Lord is the return!

Hast thou considered him who forbids a servant〖I. e. Mohammed.〗 when he prays〖The allusion is to Abu Ghal, who threatened to set his foot on Mohammed's neck if he caught him in the act of adoration.〗?

Hast thou considered if he were in guidance or bade piety?

Hast thou considered if he said it was a lie, and turned his back?

Did he not know that God can see?

Nay, surely, if he do not desist we will drag him by the forelock!—the lying sinful forelock!

So let him call his counsel: we will call the guards of hell!

Nay, obey him not, but adore and draw nigh!

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